Tribe Immersive is exploring the boundaries of music, art and technology. Creating immersive experiences that inspire and connect people, while promoting diversity and experimentation in the field of new media art.

Music, art and technology platform Tribe Immersive was founded by Paula Dejus and Māris Dejus in 2018, Liepaja, Latvia. Paula combines illustrations in virtual reality, augmenting experience with immersive color and light effects. Māris creates audiovisual composition synthesizing electronic music and immersive video variations.

With both of us holding a Master’s degree in art and having international experiences while studying abroad, our artistic style is uniquely psychedelic, immersive, and uplifting. From virtual reality and electronic music to NFT collections and illustration graphics, we are constantly exploring a diverse range of mediums and pushing the boundaries of creativity. We believe that art has the power to bring people together and inspire positive change in the world, and we are excited to share this message with our audience. Enjoy exploring our website and learning more about art!

We are always open to new collaborations and partnerships, so if you’re an artist, musician, or anyone else who is interested in working with us, don’t hesitate to reach out! We look forward to connecting with you!

Paula and Maris from Tribe Immersive.

Debuted in 2018 with VR art spaces “In a Port Town” and “Solution”, exhibited in RIXC and Liepāja Museum, artist collective continued in 2019 with exploring innovative tech such as 3D scanning in VR space “Plastic Waste” and 360° video combined with 3D audio design in Creative Europe Liepaja Culture department project “Virtual Liepaja city tour for Liepaja Senior house”, awarded for innovation in 2019 Liepaja Culture Awards. In the year of 2020 the artist collective participated in Liepaja Culture department project funding with immersive 360° video experience, 10 virtual performance series from electronic music project “Demaui – Tribe”. In 2020 both members of the collective began their post-graduate studies in audiovisual art and new media program of Liepaja University and Riseba. 2020 ended with a release of new album “Simulācija Gaisma”. On the very first night of new year celebration in 2021, a new graphic art series “Diverse Beings” was born. Meanwhile, creating graphic art collections, the collective continued with exploring new media such as 3d object scanning, 360° video filming and 3D audio design, combining different aesthetics in virtual reality art space experiences.

Mixed media creations and the idea of audiovisual movement platform in the year of 2022 evolved in virtual exhibition galleries. Tribeimmersive.com was opened in July of 2022 as a joint graduation project aside from our master thesis “Immersive art production” and “Immersive Web Art. The aesthetics of curation in web3”, during ERASMUS+ exchange in ESAD, Portugal. The virtual gallery was presented with four new virtual art spaces, titled “Imagination”, “Digital Trail”, “Process”, “Diverse Beings”. Online platform also showcases other portfolio works such as non-fungible tokens, 360° video concert, music albums and virtual reality.